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Thesis statement for analysis paper

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Thesis statement for analysis paper pdf 1 Кб

business plan grant Rio Grande and Phone. I am available at 481-1424 on Mondays and Wednesdays from thesis for analysis paper 9 to 10 as well as after class at Rio Grande on Tuesdays and Thursdays after my class the first 8 weeks of the the roots essay human, semester. Please make an appointment by emailing me at so that we can make sure we connect. Please note that this syllabus is not as detailed as that available in for analysis, Blackboard. Please refer to that Syllabus for up to date information. Thanks. Syllabus: ETWR 1376-002 Grant and Business Proposal Development. Instructor:Ana Mejia-Dietche, JD.

Phone: 481-1424 and 597-7123 (days, emergency only). Suns Essay Questions! Note: It is REQUIRED that you copy both email addresses when trying to contact me. ACC#39;s spam blocker can catch some of your emails so I like to have a backup in place! Course Structure: In the classroom, this course is taught in a highly interactive format that includes some lecture but is mostly based on group interaction, self-evaluation and exercises, peer evaluation, case studies, and role-playing. For this approach to enhance your and for analysis paper, your classmates’ learning, you must participate regularly. Course Rationale: If I were to boil down my approach to teaching this class to one idea, it would be that we all learn by doing. This is a project based class. You can only be successful if you do your work and review others#39; work. A Thousand Splendid Essay! This gives you the thesis statement for analysis, opportunity to apply what you learn in multiple ways. Both grant writing and in leadership, business proposal writing are about positioning your ideas and/or organization in such a way that others will want to invest in them. You simply cannot position your organization in this way without careful planning and research.

Then, you must write, edit and get critiques from everyone who will read it. The course is divided into four segments. We will do practical, real world examples of each type of activity during the course of the for analysis, semester, culminating in at least one complete proposal for essays development vol 1, an organization that you select or create. You will review your classmates#39; work and they will review yours. Thesis For Analysis! 2. Plan. We will look at the importance of planning both for the roots human, the business as a whole and to ensure project success. 3. Write from the plan.

We will focus on each section of the proposal and draft and review the proposal in order to complete a full proposal this semester. 4. Peer review proposals. This is the heart of the course. You will learn so much from applying what you read to reviewing others#39; work. Paper! It is also the way you will learn about both forms of proposals. Since I consider it so important to a thousand splendid suns essay, your learning, class participation is worth 27% of your grade. Please note that this syllabus is not as detailed as that available in Blackboard. Please refer to that Syllabus for up to date information. Thanks.

You will read both of these books for the course at thesis for analysis paper a rate of eigene essay, two to four chapters a week. Abrams, Rhonda, The Successful Business Plan: Secrets and Strategies,425 pages. The Planning Shop; 5 edition (September 16, 2010) , English, ISBN-10 : 1933895144. (OPTIONAL - if you are using this class to write a business proposal, you may want to purchase the Excel spreadsheets so that you can fully develop your financials. These can be found at Please note that this syllabus is not as detailed as that available in thesis statement for analysis, Blackboard. Please refer to that Syllabus for voorbeeld, up to for analysis paper, date information. Thanks. We will cover the following topics in a thousand splendid essay, lecture, write each section, complete a peer review and redraft in response to that peer review.

I will grade that draft and for analysis paper, you will use this feedback for a final draft of the proposal. Finding a funder for voorbeeld, a business or grant proposal. Writing the company description (business plan) or organization background (grant proposal). Writing the Industry Analysis and Trends and Target Market or the statement for analysis paper, Needs Statement. Writing the Strategic Position and Risk Assessment and Marketing Plan or the Goals and Objectives Writing the Operations, Management and Organization and thesis, Technology Plan or the Methods Sections Writing the Community Involvement and Development and Milestones, Exit Plan or the Evaluation and Sustainability Sections Writing the Exeutive Summary or Program/Project Summary Financials. At the end of the semester, you will present your proposal to the class.

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives. Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives. Thesis Statement Paper! Please note that this syllabus is not as detailed as that available in Blackboard. Please refer to that Syllabus for up to date information. Reza! Thanks. ETWR 1376 SCANS Competencies. Thesis Statement Paper! Please go to a complete definition and explanation of SCANS. This list summarizes the SCANS competencies addressed in this particular course. 1.1 Manages Time. 2.1 Participates as a Member of a Team.

2.5 Negotiates to reza saber thesis, Arrive at a. 3.1 Acquires and Evaluates Information. 3.2 Organizes and Maintains Information. (none for thesis for analysis, this course) 5.1 Selects Technology. 5.2 Applies Technology to Task. Saber Thesis! 7.1 Creative Thinking. 7.2 Decision Making. 7.3 Problem Solving. 7.4 Mental Visualization. 7.5 Knowing How to Learn. Enhance students#39; understanding of government agencies and funding opportunities.

Encourage the use of for analysis paper, collaborative planning, sound research techniques, and analysis in the development of grant and business proposals. Practice the skills necessary to write competitive proposals. Encourage ethical practices in grant writing and business planning. Course Objectives: Students who complete this course will be able to: Research funding sources, demographics and agency profiles Understand various business and grant proposals components Write a competitive proposal either for the roots essay, a nonprofit or for-profit organization Review a proposal for content and style and evaluate for funding viability. Please note that this syllabus is not as detailed as that available in Blackboard. Please refer to that Syllabus for up to statement for analysis, date information.

Thanks. Attendance/Time Management: Remember that this is a 16-week course being taught in an 8-week semester. That does not mean that you have half the work. Rather, it means you will do all the work in half the the roots essay, time. So it is really like taking two classes in one for 8 weeks. It is really easy to get behind. We need to thesis statement for analysis paper, cover a good bit of material quickly. Classroom students spend three hours in class twice a week and are expected to put in at least that much time in development vol 1, outside of class. You will want to thesis statement paper, budget your time accordingly. My advice is that you familiarize yourself with the schedule and work ahead on reading and writing so that last minute things in your life do not throw you off. I have the ability to monitor your participation in Blackboard and within Google Apps, so I can see when you’ve accessed course materials.

Peer Reviews are due on Saturdays of the power in leadership, week the first draft is turned in: so that everyone has time to statement, review/ discuss and incorporate suggested changes before they turn in their second draft the a thousand suns, following Thursday. Students will complete peer review of thesis for analysis paper, one other student’s proposal every week. Grading Policy: The final grade for the course will be based on a 100 point scale that includes the following. If it’s easier to understand, think of each of these categories as an average of voorbeeld, scores on a 100 point scale that each are worth the indicated percentage. You will earn about 3 points of statement, your final grade for each week of participation. Thesis Voorbeeld! I will give you a point for posting first drafts of each section of your proposal for peer review and a point for the peer review that you will complete responding to thesis, your classmate’s work each week. I will also award up to 8 points for class attendance and my observation of your visits to the site and participation in the discussion group. Points will be subtracted only if you do not have a homework assignment ready, miss required peer reviews or do not post to the roots, the site. You must check in every week.

Please let me know if you need to be away or are offline for for analysis, more than a few days for some reason. 28 Percent/Points - Writing Homework. Development! You will select the funder for thesis statement for analysis, a nonprofit grant proposal OR a business plan that you would like to be funded and write the proposal one section at a time. I will critique second drafts of all sections and eigene meinung essay, award a numerical grade. The average of those grades will be weighted at 28 percent of your final grade. This will give you an opportunity to make corrections in response to peer review before I. The worksheets are a great tool in putting together your proposal and statement for analysis, you will find writing easier if you use them. If you are behind or not participating, I may ask you to submit completed worksheets as a way to gauge your progress and may average the results of that check into this part of your grade. Otherwise, you are on the honor system in reza saber thesis, completing that piece of the course. At the end of the semester, you will have a complete proposal. Your proposal should meet a specific funder#39;s criteria or encourage investment in your business idea by a specific type of investor, usually a loan officer.

Drafts of each section are peer reviewed. I correct and grade second drafts after you complete the for analysis paper, rewrites of each during the course of the semester. This draft should be at least your third and it should be easy to earn full credit for this assignment if you accept and incorporate suggestions. The final will be a take-home test. I will post the test in week 4 and you will complete the proposal and return it to me by email during the last class..

Students who complete other requirements for the course in a timely manner and do not need an A in the course may be exempt from the final. I will let you know if you are eligible for that exemption. You must complete the final to earn an eigene essay A in the class. Thesis Statement For Analysis Paper! Austin Community College District #8226; Austin, TX #8226; Syllabus Version 0.5 Beta.

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Thesis statement for analysis paper pdf 1 Кб

Geography/ Zonation On A Rocky Shore term paper 17252. The seashore is a habitat that contains a wide range of microhabitats and ecological niches for different creatures. This is mainly due to the effects of the statement paper tides, that rise and fall twice each day. Tides are the vertical movement of water in a periodical oscillation of the sea, due to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. The tides are on a semi-diurnal cycle, so there are two high tides and two low tides each day.

Due to the orbit of the moon, the tides also have a monthly cycle. This creates neap (very low) and spring (very high) tides. The seashore can be divided into several zones, which are illustrated on saber the diagram below: EHWS = Extreme High Water Spring. (MHWS = Mean High Water Spring)

MHWN = Mean High Water Neap. (MTL = Mid Tide Level) MLWN = Mean Low Water Neap. ELWS = Extreme Low Water Spring. (MLWS = Mean Low Water Spring) CD = Chart datum. The Supralittoral Zone:

This is the highest zone on for analysis the shore, and lies above the EHWS mark, and therefore is never covered by seawater. However, it may be occasionally be spray wetted. Because of this, it is mainly inhabited by terrestrial species, such as lichen, that can live in areas of very high salinity. The Littoral (Intertidal) Zone: This zone is the area that is covered and uncovered by thesis, the tides, and thesis statement therefore organisms that live here must be able to tolerate a large range of conditions. It can be further divided into questions, the Littoral Fringe and the Eulittoral zone. The Littoral Fringe (Splash Zone): This part of the Littoral zone lies above the area that is completely submerged by the sea in normal conditions. However, it is thesis statement paper frequently covered by splash from waves, and so is far more marine in character that the Supralittoral Zone. Lichens still dominate this zone, but some species of periwinkles and a thousand splendid suns essay topshells may graze them. The Eulittoral Zone:

This zone is the area of the statement for analysis paper beach that is regularly submerged by power, the tides, and can be divided into three more zones, the thesis upper, middle and lower shores. It shows the greatest species diversity of any of the essay human lyrics zones. The Upper Shore: This region of the shore lies between the thesis statement for analysis paper EHWS and MHWN marks, and so is only immersed during spring tides. Because of this, organisms that live here must be adapted to survive long periods of desiccation.

The two seaweeds that are the most common here, Fucus spiralis and Pelvetia canaliculata have adaptations to survive in this area. The Middle Shore: This region of the shore lies between the MHWN and MLWN marks, and will be submerged for half of every day, even during neap tides. The most common seaweed in this zone Fucus vesiculosus. Mussel beds will form and essay human lyrics both limpets and periwinkles will graze the rocks.

Sea anemones and crabs are residents of this zone. The Lower Shore: This region of the shore lies between the thesis paper MLWN and ELWS marks, and will be submerged for most of olfati thesis, each day, even during neap tides. The most important seaweed in this area is Fucus serratus, which will form large zones wherever suitable. It shows the greatest species diversity of any zone on thesis statement for analysis paper the seashore. The Sublittoral Zone: This part of the thesis voorbeeld shore lies below the ELWS mark, and is therefore never uncovered by the sea. There are many types of organism found on the rocky shore. The two main photosynthetic organisms are the thesis statement for analysis lichens and thesis voorbeeld the macroalgae or seaweeds. Lichen are the main organisms found in the splash zone and come in three distinct types; crustose, foliose and fruiticose.

Crustose lichens form a thin crust on the rock surface, and are impossible to remove without damage. Foliose lichens are leafy lichens that are not as firmly attached to thesis paper, the rocks. Fruiticose lichens extent vertically from the suns essay rock surface, and can sometimes be confused with mosses and thesis small grasses. Olfati Saber. The leafy part of a lichen is known as the thallus. Seaweeds are primarily divided by colour, into brown, red and green groups. Most marine seaweeds are brown seaweeds, with fewer red species, and even fewer green species. Statement. The three main parts of a seaweed are: 1. Frond (lamina, thallus, blade) (often broad and splendid flat) 2. Stipe region (often long and cylindrical) 3. Basal attachment (holdfast) The frond or thallus is the site of most of the photosynthetic activity in the organism, and also contains the reproductive organs.

The stipe region can act either as a structural support, a storage organ, or as a transport network within the organism. The role of the holdfast is to anchor the seaweed securely to the substrate it lives on. The holdfast must be strong enough to statement for analysis paper, resist the strong pull of the waves and tides on the seaweed. The size and strength of the holdfast varies between species. The main heterotrophic organisms of the seashore are the molluscs.

The most common molluscs are the gastropods (periwinkles, limpets and topshells), and essay the mussels. Periwinkles have coiled shells and a circular operculum (a small, retractable piece of shell used to cover the opening of the shell when the snail is inside.). They average about 15mm in length and are the most common group of gastropods on the seashore. Topshells are very similar to periwinkles, but have an oval operculum, and statement paper tend to be slightly smaller. There are fewer species of topshells than periwinkles on development a rocky shore. Limpets have a conical shell, with no operculum and are much larger than either periwinkles or topshells.

Mussels have two shells, and are fixed to a single location in adult life. They can form large groups on the rocky shore. There was only one species of seaweed found in paper the lower shore, Fucus serratus, and it was very abundant. Essay Human Lyrics. However, several species of animal were found, such as Gibbula cineraria, Littorina obtusata, Littorina littorea, limpets (Patella spp.) and mussels (Myttilus edulis). Of those, Gibbula cineraria was the most abundant.

Fucus serratus: This species of thesis statement paper, brown seaweed (Phaoephyta) was found only below the MLWN mark in stations 10, 11 and 12. It was most common in station 11 (40% cover), but there was not a lot of essays development vol 1, difference in the distributions between these three stations. Fucus serratus is a medium sized marine seaweed with a flattened, branched thallus with a small stipe for support and paper a small holdfast. At the ends of the thalli, there are small, swollen areas called receptacles, which contain many conceptacles, in which gamete production occurs. There are many air bladders on Fucus serratus, which cause it to float when submerged. As the name suggests, Fucus serratus has a thallus with serrated, saw-like edges. Gibbula cineraria: This species of topshell was found mainly in the lower shore, below the MLWN mark (stations 10,11, and 12), and in station 9 (just above the MLWN mark). Vol 1. It was evenly distributed across stations 9, 10, and 11, with similar numbers in each quadrat (between 40 and 50 individuals per quadrat). It was far less common in thesis statement station 12, where only two individuals were found.

Gibbula cineraria is a relatively large snail, at just over 15-mm. It was a pale grey in colour and was found beneath seaweeds such as Fucus serratus and Fucus vesiculosus. Several species of seaweed were recorded in the middle shore. Fucus vesiculosus, Ascophyllum nodosum and essay Polysiphona lanosa were all found, and statement for analysis paper Fucus vesiculosus was the power in leadership most abundant. Many animal species were recorded, such as Gibbula umbilicalis, G. cineraria, Littorina saxatalis, L. Statement. obtusata, L. littorea, limpets (Patella spp.) and mussels (Myttilus edulis). Of these Gibbula cineraria was the meinung essay most abundant. Fucus vesiculosus: This seaweed was found mainly in the middle shore, between the MLWN and MHWN marks (stations 7,8 and 9), but also in station 6 (just above the MHWN mark).

There was a much lower density in stations 6,7 and 8 (between 3 and for analysis paper 12%), than in station 9, where the percentage cover was 30%. Fucus vesiculosus is similar to Fucus serratus (see above), with a flattened, branched thallus and air bladders, but lacks the serrated edges of Fucus serratus. Littorina obtusata agg.: This species of periwinkle was found in the middle shore (stations 7,8 and 9) and the lower upper shore (station 6). It was also recorded in station 12, at the lower end of the lower shore. It had the highest population density in the middle shore (between 32 and 38 individuals per metre), with a similar density in station 6. It was far less abundant in station 12, with only 12 individuals recorded. Littorina obtusata agg. is reza olfati saber thesis a small, flat periwinkle, mainly found on the underside of seaweeds such as Fucus vesiculosus, Fucus spiralis and Ascophyllum nodosum, where it mimics air bladders. It comes in thesis paper a wide range of colour, but most individuals are a dark olive green to suns, match the seaweeds they live on. Again, several species of seaweed were recorded in this zone, such as Fucus vesiculosus, F. spiralis, Ascophyllum nodosum, Pelvetia canaliculata and Polysiphona lanosa. Several animal species were also recorded, such as Littorina saxatalis, L. obtusata and limpets (Patella spp.) Pelvetia canaliculata: This seaweed was found in station 4 only (at the very upper limit of the littoral zone, just below the EHWS mark), but was very abundant, covering 70% of the thesis for analysis quadrat. Pelvetia canaliculata has narrow thalli that are channelled and voorbeeld curl up into loose rings.

It is browny red in colour and has no air bladders for paper, support. Littorina saxatalis: This species of periwinkle was found across the whole upper shore (stations 4,5 and 6) and at the top of the middle shore (station 7). It was most abundant at the top of its range in station 4, where 141 individuals were recorded. It became less and less abundant down the beach, at the bottom of its range, in eigene station 7, where only 20 individuals were recorded. Littorina saxatalis is a medium-sized periwinkle, about 16-mm long. It has a ridged shell that is orange-brown in colour, and statement for analysis paper is commonly found in on moral crevices and cracks on the upper shore.

The only plants found in the splash zone where lichens such as Verrucaria maura, Xanthoria parientina, Ramalina siliquosa, Lecanora atra and Ochrolechia parella. No animal species were recorded in this zone. Xanthoria parientina: This species of foliose lichen was found throughout the splash zone (stations 1,2 and 3), and was the largest range out of all the lichens. Statement For Analysis Paper. It was not very abundant in each quadrat, never covering more than 8% of the area (station 3) and some times as little as 1% (station 2). Xanthoria parientina is a thousand splendid suns a foliose lichen, which means it is only loosely attached to thesis for analysis, the rock, and splendid has large thalli. It was orangey yellow in thesis for analysis colour. The environmental gradient on the seashore is constantly changing.

This means that there are a wide range of habitats to be found over a relatively small distance. On Moral Vol 1. The wide range of species found on the seashore is due to the wide range of habitats and conditions found there. Thesis Paper. Species can only be adapted to thesis, a small range of conditions, so as the conditions on the seashore change, so do the species found there. There are a number of factors that determine the specific conditions of an thesis for analysis, area. These factors can be either biotic or abiotic. Biotic factors are factors such as competition for resources, predator/prey relationships, etc.

Abiotic factors are factors like temperature, relief, climate, etc. The abiotic factors that affect a rocky shore are: Desiccation: all the species found on the shore are marine species, so spending time out of water is stressful to them, as immersion in seawater provides them with food, oxygen, water for photosynthesis and is needed for reproduction. Desiccation is worse on the upper shore, as it is exposed for the longest time, but also affects the middle shore. Temperature: Seawater remains at a far more constant temperature that the land, (seawater varies between 5° and 15° Celsius, whereas the land temperature varies between below freezing in the roots essay human winter and 30° C plus in thesis statement paper summer) so species that are immersed in reza olfati thesis seawater for long periods of time are buffered against large temperature changes. The temperature of the surroundings also affects the thesis statement for analysis paper rate of metabolism; very cold conditions will slow it down, whereas very high temperatures may denature vital enzymes. Again, temperature change is a worse problem on the upper and middle shores than on the lower shore.

Wave action: The action of powerful waves can dislodge many species, so those that live on the middle shore (where wave action is at its most powerful) must be adapted to survive very rough conditions. Wave action also increases the humidity of an area, and essays development so can help to reduce desiccation. Light: Light is needed for photosynthesis, and all seaweeds must be immersed in water for this to occur. Water filters off some of the wavelengths of light and reduces the intensity that reaches the for analysis seaweeds. On Moral Vol 1. To maximise the light that does reach them red and brown seaweeds have accessory pigments that help to absorb different wavelengths of light. For Analysis. These accessory pigments mask the green chlorophyll in red and brown seaweeds, and they take the colour of the accessory pigment that they utilise. Other factors: the above factors are the main abiotic factors, but others are also present. The aspect of a slope affects the temperature and rate at which water evaporates, so south facing slopes are warmer, but dry faster, while north facing slopes are cooler and damper. The steepness of a slope also affects the rate at which it drains, as a steeper slope drains faster than a shallower one, so desiccation is the roots human more of a problem.

The turbidity or cloudiness of seawater (due to plankton, sewage and other detritus) can affect the intensity of light reaching submerged seaweeds. Another factor is the thesis seepage of freshwater onto power in leadership, the shore. Many seaweeds cannot tolerate salinity changes, so other species that can tolerate such changes will inhabit these areas. The biotic factors that affect the rocky shore tend to affect the statement for analysis paper lower limits at which a species may live. The biotic factors that affect the distribution of a thousand suns essay questions, organisms on the rocky shore are: Food supply: All organisms need food to thesis statement, survive and essays on moral development vol 1 so can only flourish in areas in which they can find food. Many species that are found on the seashore left the sea in search of for analysis paper, food supplies. For organisms, such as barnacles, which depend on food carried by the waves, far more food will be found in the intertidal zone that at the bottom of the essay human sea. Predation: Many species also live on the seashore in an attempt to evade marine predators, such as fish, crabs, lobsters etc, that are far more common in the sea than on the shore. Organisms will also try to live as far up the shore as possible in order to thesis statement paper, avoid their less well adapted predators. Predation is an important factor regulating the population of essays development, many organisms.

Reproduction: Most marine organisms still rely on the sea for reproduction, so animal species, such as crabs, may migrate lower down the shore in order to thesis statement for analysis, release their gametes. Seaweeds and non-mobile animals must rely on the tides to submerge them before releasing their gametes. Competition: This is the most important biotic factor determining the eigene meinung distribution of species on the seashore. There are two types of competition, interspecific (between two different species) and intraspecific (between individuals of the same species). Organisms compete for all the resources that are in thesis statement for analysis short supply. On the seashore, most resources are in voorbeeld short supply, so organisms compete for space, food, and light. Thesis Statement For Analysis. Only species that are very efficient in utilising in demand resources will flourish and survive. Eventually, the will competitively exclude other species, or members of their own species.

Despite the more stressful conditions further up the shore, species live as far above the ELWS mark as possible in an attempt to avoid competition with other species. For example, Fucus spiralis is very well adapted to surviving long periods out of reza thesis, water, so it is found in for analysis paper the upper shore. It is not found in in leadership the middle and lower shores because competition with other species of seaweeds such as Fucus vesiculosus and Fucus serratus prevents them from surviving, so no specimens are found. Species can adapt to these different factors in three ways. They can adapt in physical, physiological or behavioural ways. Physical adaptations are those that modify the external appearance of an statement for analysis paper, organism, physiological adaptations are those that modify the internal organisation of an organism and behavioural adaptations are those that modify the behavioural of an organism.

Those species that are best adapted to take advantage of reza thesis, a set of conditions will do far better than those that are not adapted will. This survival of the statement fittest leads to wide diversity of species found on the seashore. The main factor affecting the species found in the splash zone is that although it lies above the EHWS mark, and is therefore never covered by the sea, it is regularly covered in suns salt spray from paper waves and the wind. This prevents many terrestrial species from living there, as they cannot tolerate areas of high salinity. This means that lichens, such as Xanthoria parientina, that can tolerate such conditions, are the dominant species.

No marine seaweeds can live in the roots essay lyrics this zone as they all require regular immersion in seawater, and this does not occur above the EHWS mark. However, small periwinkles may occasionally graze on the lichens found here. The main factors affecting the upper shore are the statement for analysis highly variable temperature, and the amount of essays development vol 1, desiccation that organisms have to endure as a result of their infrequent immersion in the sea. However, wave action and the light that reaches seaweeds are not major factors are waves do not cover this area regularly, and even when it is submerged, it is not submerged deeply, so the light is not affected. Pelvetia canaliculata is adapted to survive long periods of desiccation as it is coated in thick mucilage, which reduces water loss. Thesis For Analysis. The thick mucilage layer also helps to regulate the temperature of the splendid suns seaweed. It has channelled fronds, which helps reduce the surface area of the statement fronds that are exposed to the air. The enzymes and pigments found within it are also resistant to thesis voorbeeld, sudden temperature change, so it is statement for analysis paper well adapted to live on power in leadership the upper shore. However, it is not found further down the shore due to competition with other seaweeds.

Littorina saxatalis can cope with low temperatures far better than it can with high temperatures, so it has a ridged shell surface to increase its surface are and for analysis paper therefore the a thousand suns essay questions amount of heat that it radiates. This helps the snail maintain a constant body temperature, so its enzymes are not denatured. Statement. It has a tight fitting operculum, which helps to seal in moisture within the splendid snail, thus reducing desiccation. All of the main abiotic factors affect the Middle Shore. Wave action is very strong on the middle shore, so any creatures that live here must be able to withstand this.

Desiccation and thesis for analysis temperature change are also important factors as the thesis middle shore is regularly exposed to for analysis paper, the air. The main seaweed found in reza saber the middle shore is Fucus vesiculosus, which has thick mucilage to statement paper, conserve water. The enzymes and power in leadership essays pigments within are also able to thesis statement for analysis paper, withstand a certain amount of temperature shock, though not as much as those found in Pelvetia canaliculata. It is very firmly attached to the substrate material, and human so is able to withstand the wave action. Grazing by limpets and periwinkles is thesis paper not a major problem on reza olfati thesis this shore, so the seaweed cover is very abundant. It is not found in the upper shore, as it cannot cope with the extremes of temperature and the lack of water in that zone. Statement For Analysis. It does not inhabit the lower shore in an attempt to avoid competition with Fucus serratus. Littorina obtusata can withstand the moderate amounts of desiccation and temperature change on the middle shore by closing its operculum to seal in on moral development moisture and by resting under seaweeds to insulate it. It does not have the ridged shell of Littorina saxatalis, so it cannot radiate heat as efficiently and therefore cannot survive on the upper shore.

By remaining on the middle shore, Littorina obtusata can avoid predators such as dog whelks that live further down the shore. However, 12 Littorina obtusata were recorded in 12th station, just above the ELWS mark, which is very unusual, as they are normally out competed by lower shore snails such as Gibbula cineraria in statement for analysis that region. The conditions on olfati saber thesis the lower shore are most like those in the sea. The organisms that inhabit this zone cannot tolerate large amounts of desiccation or temperature change, so they are not found further up the beach. As they are submerged for statement paper, long periods, the splendid amount of thesis paper, light reaching the seaweeds is an important factor and only those with the appropriate accessory pigments can survive here. Predation is far more of a thousand splendid essay questions, a problem for the animals that live here.

Dog whelks inhabit this part of the shore and are one the major predators. Because it is submerged for so long, predation from fish is another danger animals living here face. Fucus serratus is very efficient at using the thesis paper resources that are in human short supply, so it out competes other species, such as Fucus vesiculosus and Pelvetia canaliculata. However, rapid temperature changes destroy the photosynthetic pigments in its cells, so it is not found further up the shore. It is brown in colour and thesis for analysis so is very well adapted for taking advantage of all the available wavelengths of light that reach it. Gibbula cineraria cannot tolerate desiccation or temperature change very well so it does not inhabit the upper of middle shore.

However, it is very good at maximising the a thousand suns resources around it, so it out competes other species of snails, such as Littorina saxatalis. It has a thicker shell than many other snails, and so is more difficult for predators to eat. The method that was followed had a number of limitations that lead to anomalous results (such as finding Littorina obtusata in the twelfth station). The limitations affecting the results were: · The misidentification of species. Thesis. Many of species found looked very similar, and so misidentification could have affected the results. The misidentification of power in leadership essays, species would lead to species being miscounted or being recorded in stations where they are not normally found. The correct species would not be recorded, and this again would affect the results. This limitation affected the periwinkles and topshells more that the other groups, as they are the thesis statement for analysis most physiologically similar. · Species or specimens being miscounted or missed altogether. Due to the thick seaweed cover on a thousand splendid essay the shore, it is possible that many of the periwinkles and topshells where either miscounted (as individuals were covered up) or missed altogether. Quadrats containing many cracks or crevices, or large rocks, which organisms could hide under, also made it more difficult to be confident that every specimen had been recorded, leading to inaccurate results.

· Quadrats being placed in the wrong location. It would have been easy for paper, errors to essay human lyrics, have been made while cross-staffing new locations for quadrats, which would lead to species being recorded at the wrong heights and in the wrong zones. This would make it harder to thesis for analysis paper, draw meaningful conclusions from the results. · Quadrats placed on uneven ground. The shore that was surveyed was very rocky, and thesis so quadrats were occasionally placed overhanging other areas. Thesis Statement For Analysis. This lead to larger areas being surveyed, as the slopes were surveyed as well as the flat ground. Voorbeeld. The same problem occurred when large rocks were within the quadrats, as the top, bottom and sides of the rock were surveyed, again leading to large areas. This could lead to abnormally high results, as a larger area was surveyed than normal, which would make it harder to draw conclusions from the results. · Animals moving around. The majority of the animal species recorded are mobile, and so could move around while being counted, leading to statement for analysis, inaccurate results, or could have been found far from their niche, distorting the results. The animals could move into a quadrat, leading to meinung, higher results, or move out of a quadrat, leading to lower results than would be expected.

It is also possible that animals could have been counted twice, which would increase the results. All of these limitations would affect the accuracy of the statement results, making it harder to draw meaningful conclusions. An organism can only survive in essays a particular habitat if it is well adapted to that habitat. If a organism arrives in thesis for analysis paper a habitat to which it is not adapted, then it will be either killed outright by the conditions there (e.g. Olfati Saber. extreme temperature changes in thesis statement upper shore kill any Fucus serratus spores that germinate there); or out-competed by other, better adapted species (e.g. Olfati Thesis. Littorina saxatalis is not found further down the shore because it would be out competed by other Littorina species). If a species is for analysis very well adapted to a particular habitat, then it can make maximum use of the the roots essay human lyrics resources there and competitively exclude any less well-adapted species. It will therefore become one of the most abundant species in that habitat. Species become adapted to new habitats as mutations randomly occur in the population. The majority of these mutations will have no affect on how well adapted the organism is (e.g. a human being born with webbed toes), some will make it less well adapted (e.g. a bright white lion is born and is unable to be camouflaged against thesis for analysis its prey and so starves), and others may make an organism better adapted to its habitat (e.g. a giraffe is human born with a longer neck and thesis for analysis so can reach more food). Those organisms that are better adapted to their environment will be more successful than those that are less well adapted, and will have more offspring and so pass on their genes to more individuals. If a disaster occurs, and resources are in very short supply, those organisms that are better adapted will be more likely to survive and pass on their genes.

Eventually, a new species will be formed, with every individual being better adapted. When this occurs, the original species may become extinct (e.g. all the giraffes with short necks), or continue surviving if the new species is adapted to take advantage of in leadership, a different habitat (e.g. Thesis For Analysis. a new seaweed evolves that can survive higher up the shore). This process is known as survival of the fittest, and it increases species diversity as new species are constantly evolving. This can be seen on a miniature scale on thesis voorbeeld the rocky shore, where many different species have evolved to take advantage of the many different ecological niches available. My results show that each species is only found on a small area of the thesis statement for analysis paper shore, an area that it ha evolved to be adapted to, and olfati saber thesis one where it is the paper most successful species. This process of a thousand suns essay questions, evolution is constantly occurring, producing better and thesis statement for analysis better-adapted species, for many different ecological niches.

It occurs all over the globe in many different habitats, forming many new species. Word Count: 4561. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions.

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acadamic essays The Academic Essay. The academic essay is merely a specific writing genre#150;as is the love letter, newspaper editorial, or pop-fiction. As a genre, it functions within a set of norms, rules, and statement, conventions. Voorbeeld? The purpose of this discussion is to make clear to you what those rules and norms are, and how to paper, use them to express your argument clearly. The purpose of the academic essay is to a thousand essay, persuade by reasoned discourse. Scholars use the essay amongst themselves to thesis for analysis, advance ideas. Its value as an instructional tool is to assist students in developing their critical thinking skills. As you recall, critical thinking is essay lyrics, defined as: the ability to read theory accurately, appropriate it meaningfully, apply it independently, generate results based on that application, analyze the results, and form a clear argument based on those results that can be defended with a specific line of reasoning. A good academic essay engenders this process and clearly demonstrates that the process has been performed successfully. With this in mind let's examine how to write an academic essay.

Do you frequently find yourself struggling with the introduction to your essays? Do you not know how to begin the thesis, essay? Do you find yourself searching for a generalizing statement that will get things going, and trying to find a delicate balance between BS'ing and suns, saying something meaningful? If so, that's because you are not following the norms for the introduction to the academic essay. Following this norm actually makes introductions a piece of cake and gets you right into the body of the essay. Here is the statement for analysis paper, norm: The purpose of the introduction is two-fold: 1. To introduce the theoretical framework that will guide your analysis. 2. To introduce the thesis statement that will organize your paper. Following this norm allows you to voorbeeld, cut to the chase. No more generalizing statements of philosophical speculation that you venture forth hoping that it won't get shot down. You know, crap like Hemingway was perhaps one of the thesis statement for analysis paper, most visionary authors of his time. or The Western is perhaps the most uniquely American of all the genres.

Rather, if the purpose of the essay is to demonstrate that you have appropriated a theory and applied it independently to produce results, then the function of the introduction becomes more focused: to splendid suns questions, introduce the theory#150;or theoretical framework#150;that you have decided to use. Hence you will find that many essays begin with such statements as In his book. Statement? Or, In her essay. IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the main reasons that the norm of the Introduction developed this way is because of an a thousand splendid essay questions, important rule of the Academic Essay: Avoid making statements that you cannot prove. The problem with the thesis statement for analysis, generalizing/philosophical/BS'ing statements like Hemingway. and The Western. is that they cannot be proven through reasoned discourse. Moreover, to reza olfati, even try and do so would require voluminous amounts of discourse for something that is not even your thesis: what you actually ARE setting out to prove.

As a result, the genre of the Academic Essay has evolved into the above norm. It still meets an statement for analysis, introduction's purpose of orienting the reader, it just does so in a very specific manner. Having accomplished that, the expectation for an essay is that you will introduce a thesis statement that is directly related to that theoretical framework (or its application). As a result, a major convention of the academic essay is that: The introduction ends with the thesis statement. Having stated a thesis, you are expected to then go and prove it through the body of the essay.

That said, it is eigene meinung essay, important to discuss what's at stake in making a thesis statement. There are four basic logical forms for a thesis statement: #149; A banal thesis statement. #149; A simple thesis statement. #149; A complex thesis statement. #149; An impossible thesis statement. Thesis? Let's discuss each of these quickly before moving on. A banal thesis statement is a statement that does not really say anything#150;it is in fact meaningless because it is either so overly general or so evident as to not be of significance. A Thousand Suns Questions? Here's an example from literature.

A frequent argument students will make is statement paper, This author used symbolism to make his point. The statement, however, is meaningless precisely because it is not of significance: every author writing literature uses symbolism of power in leadership essays one kind or another, either using language metaphorically or metonymically. Thus, to attempt to single out or make a distinction of a piece for using symbolism is to not say anything that even needs proving to begin with. A simple thesis statement is not quite what it may sound like. A simple thesis statement means that only one main point or argument is going to be proved.

The term simple argument can thus be misleading because the argument itself can and frequently is very theoretically sophisticated. What makes them simple is that in terms of their logical structure, they only take on one line of proof, and hence, their organization of proof will be simple. One has to be careful, however, because sometimes one main argument may require SEVERAL supporting arguments. The example here would be the argument that Star Wars belongs within the Western Genre. Here the writer has only one thing to thesis, prove, but in order to do so will have to establish the elements that comprise the Western Genre and demonstrate how the film embodies them--not a small task. Simple thesis statements are eminently preferable in terms of writing an thesis voorbeeld, essay for a course. Thesis Paper? It allows you to the roots essay human, focus on your points and your proofs rather than getting lost in the organization of your arguments. Paper? A complex thesis statement means that the thesis has more than one point to prove.

In this respect, the essay will have to organize more than one line of reasoning in so far that more than one thing has to be proven. Complex theses are not necessarily more theoretically sophisticated than simple thesis statements, they are only more difficult to organize clearly. In this respect, they are not worth what they entail and should be avoided. An example of a complex thesis statement would be something like: Faulkner's novels critique the reza saber, ideologies of patriarchy and racism. This would be an thesis paper, appropriate analysis for the work of Faulkner, but I'm not sure it would be worth it. To begin with, it is not clear what the writer has to gain in terms of proving BOTH of these aspects of the work rather than just the one. Instead, with this complex thesis, there are going to be long sections of the essay where half of what needs to be proved will be left suspended while the other half gets discussed. In addition, the thesis picks the work of Faulkner which necessitates discussing every book, rather than just one. Thus it is that an important convention of the academic essay is that: A complex thesis statement can usually be restructured into a more theoretically sophisticated (if not interesting) simple thesis statement.

Making an Argument. As stated earlier, the academic essay is an reza olfati saber thesis, exercise in reasoned persuasion. In this respect, the thesis statement is an important organizational structure insofar as it establishes how the rest of the essay will be organized. Classical logic maintains that there are 3 basic kinds of persuasive statements: statements of fact, statements of value (or evaluation), and statements of policy (or action, which argue what we should do). Unless otherwise specified, the first of these, the statement of for analysis fact, is the meinung essay, form that the thesis statement for an academic essay should take#150;the obvious exception being when you write evaluative criticism (which you will NEVER do in my course). Statements of fact can themselves be grouped into two basic forms: arguments of classification, and arguments of statement operation or function. It is possible to make other distinctions, like for development vol 1, example, arguments of relationship (how to things relate to each other) but these distinctions can be readily subsumed into these two basic groups. Arguments of classification are when you establish some sort of criteria, and then argue that something meets or fails to meet that criteria. The earlier example that Star Wars belongs within the Western Genre is an example of an argument of classification. Having established what comprises the statement paper, Western Genre, the writer will then go on to prove how Star Wars embodies, contains, or possesses those elements. The writer will, in other words, prove that Star Wars meets that criteria.

Arguments of operation or function argues in terms of what something does, or how it functions. The earlier argument that Faulkner's work critiques the ideology of patriarchy is an example of function. This statement argues that Faulkner's work DOES something: it criticizes the ideology of patriarchy. Note that unlike the argument of thesis classification, the writer of this essay SEEMS to have to do more to prove their thesis. They will not only have to statement paper, define what the ideology of patriarchy is#150;and thus establish criteria#150;they will also have to demonstrate that Faulkner's work DOES something with that criteria. The question of HOW leads to a discussion of the body of the essay. The Body of the Essay. From a conceptual standpoint, the function of the body of the essays, essay is to prove the thesis statement laid out in the introduction. Easy enough. This section discusses how the writer accomplishes that proof. In the discussion of types of thesis statement for analysis paper argument, I made the point that the writer will have to establish criteria that can be used to saber thesis, prove their argument.

The body of the essay is the location where the writer accomplishes that. An introduction is precisely that: It INTRODUCES the theoretical framework and thesis for analysis paper, the thesis statement. It does not DESCRIBE or DISCUSS these two things. This is the roots human, a fairly common mistake that beginning essay writers make. They fear that they have not said enough in thesis the intro and as a result, go on to discuss aspects of their theory or elaborate on a thesis. The problem with doing so is that it screws up your organization. Development Vol 1? What comes next is no longer clear to thesis, the reader. If you keep it clear to yourself that the saber thesis, purpose of the introduction to your essay is to only INTRODUCE your theoretical framework, and your thesis statement, then the statement paper, function of the body of your essay will also become evident to the reader.

They will expect you to voorbeeld, establish criteria so that you can prove your thesis. As a result, another important norm of the academic essay is: A primary function of the thesis statement paper, body of the essay is to establish the criteria by voorbeeld, which the thesis statement will be proven. Thesis For Analysis? Thus it is that having argued that Star Wars is a Western, the eigene meinung, body of the statement for analysis, paper is the roots essay, going to have to for analysis, first establish the elements that comprise the Western#150;it will have to establish the essays on moral vol 1, criteria by which the thesis can be proven. To argue that Faulkner's work criticizes thee ideology of patriarchy is going to require that the writer establish what the ideology of patriarchy is. Establishing the criteria by paper, which the thesis statement will be proven leads to the next logical step: demonstrating how the object under investigation meets those criteria. Clearly it is not enough for power in leadership, the Faulkner essayist to just define what the ideology of patriarchy is. Their thesis is that Faulkner's work criticizes that ideology.

As a result, they will have to thesis for analysis paper, point to specific things within the text and argue that they relate to those criteria IN A SPECIFIC WAY#150;in this case through a process of criticism. This process of relating the object of investigation back to the established criteria is another fundamental component of the eigene, body of the essay. Without it, the proof is not complete. As silly as that sounds, I kid you not that the most frequent mistake of beginning essay writers is a failure to relate their analysis back to the criteria they have established. Thus it is that another important norm for the academic essay is: Relate the analysis back to the terms and concepts of the paper, established criteria. The Star Wars example brings up another fundamental logical task to this process. From the beginning you have probably thought the Star Wars thesis to not be very feasible. The film is not set in the West, and it occurs in the future.

The question becomes, however, whether these are ESSENTIAL criteria to the Western, and if not, what is? In terms of proving that thesis statement, the in leadership essays, writer is going to have to clearly establish what the for analysis, elements of the a thousand splendid essay questions, Western Genre are, and then relate aspects of the film back to ALL of those criteria. Herein lies the essential importance of thesis for analysis completeness to that process. If the Star Wars writer establishes the criteria but can only point to the gun-fighting that occurs in on moral vol 1 the film, then their essay will fail to persuade. Their essay will fail to persuade precisely because it inadequately addresses the scope of the criteria.

Thus it is that another important norm for this process is: Fully address the established criteria. It is very important to note that fully addressing the scope of the criteria does NOT mean that the object under discussion has to fully meet ALL the criteria. To stick with the Star Wars example, the writer can not IGNORE the issue of setting and even remotely hope to persuade the for analysis paper, audience. In some way, the writer is suns questions, going to have to statement for analysis, address the fact that both time and place are out of the bounds of the Western. This is the point precisely. The Roots Lyrics? The author will have to thesis statement paper, ADDRESS that point#150;those criteria#150;not necessarily MEET those criteria. In this respect, the writer is going to have make a supporting argument about how these criteria relate to each other in terms of comprising the genre (or in a logical sense the whole). The important point is that all criteria are addressed adequately. Failure to address any of the established criteria creates a gap in logic. Subsequently, the reasoning process (and its ability to persuade) fails.

Fully relating the object of the thesis to the established criteria fulfills the logical requirements necessary to splendid questions, persuade reasonably and allows the writer to thesis, draw conclusions. Before that process is discussed, however, it is splendid suns essay, necessary to examine an important component of this relating back process. The Role of Description. Relating the object of investigation or the object of the thesis back to the established criteria is necessarily going to thesis statement, involve description. Description is frequently an unclear and essay, thorny issue for thesis statement for analysis paper, writers of the academic essay#150;especially in terms of scope (how much is enough?). The purpose of description, however, clarifies the thesis voorbeeld, issue of scope. The purpose of description to is to make clear, or establish WHAT in the object of investigation (the film, the scene, the shot) relates to the criteria being used.

It therefore becomes important for the writer to use description in such a manner as to establish the basis of the relationship between the object and the criteria. Furthermore, the writer should LIMIT description to accomplishing only this task. Added description is not only superfluous, but distracts from thesis for analysis paper, trying to eigene meinung essay, prove your argument. As a result, another important norm for the body of the academic essay is: Subordinate description to the purpose of analysis. As stated above the process of fully relating the object of the thesis to the established criteria has the thesis paper, effect of fulfilling the logical requirements.

It is a thousand suns essay, THAT task which ultimately persuades, not the for analysis paper, conclusion itself. It is for this reason that, in thesis some respects, the conclusion does not seem to have a FUNDAMENTAL role in thesis statement paper the process of reasoned persuasion. That in itself probably accounts for how many dopey tips exist for what to do with a conclusion, like: repeat the thesis statement (like people have forgotten it despite the fact that you've been working to prove it the entire time) or some other such thing. What to do with a conclusion if the in leadership, work of proof is thesis statement for analysis, already done? The most effective thing to do with a conclusion is to first signal that the work is coming to close, and then close off the discussion itself by stating something definitive about the work. Like the introduction, then, the conclusion has a dual role: to signal the transition to essay human lyrics, closure, and to thesis, close the discussion with a definitive statement. The work of the conclusion should reference the thesis, without necessarily repeating the thesis (or the steps by which it was proven) It should then say something definitive that signals closure by pointing to the implications of what you've discussed, by amplifying what you've discussed, or by contextualizing what you've discussed. Reza Saber Thesis? In each case, you are striving to thesis statement for analysis paper, close discussion by being definitive, and you are taking caution not to violate rule #1 of the academic essay: avoid statements that you cannot prove. To stay with the eigene, running examples, the statement for analysis, conclusion to the Faulkner paper could look something like this: . it therefore serves as an example of essays on moral how literary texts structure their criticisms of dominant ideologies. (pointing to thesis for analysis paper, the implications of proving your argument). Thus, far from essays, being a portrait of its time Faulkner's work demonstrates that literary works actively engage ideologies. (amplifying your argument) Rather than a story centered exclusively on war, Hemingway's novel instead participates in the reinforcement of dominant ideologies with American culture. (Contextualizing the argument) Note that the similarity here is how definitive these statements are.

They draw upon the work that has been done, but say something different and final that is logically based upon thesis statement paper what has been discussed. There are, of course, variations on the genre of the academic essay--some rather large difference exist, for example, between the essays on moral vol 1, social sciences and the humanites. This discussion is based on the humanties approach. Other variations can result from the idiosyncracies of specific instructors. To the degree that what is written here sounds heavy handed and inflexible, I caution instead that such tone is trying to reflect the statement for analysis, manner in which your own analysis and writing will need to power, sound precise and rigorous#150;the standards by which the thesis statement for analysis paper, academic essay is evaluated. Human? The precision and rigor with which these norms and conventions are applied should function only to demand that your own analysis and reason engender these standards.

They are thus meant to elevate your thinking, not control it. The principles by which the statement for analysis paper, academic essay structures itself is designed to be a discipline that frees your thinking, not subjugate it. Within its conventions is unlimited creative potential whose only demand, ultimately, is that you say something meaningful that others can be persuaded of via your logic. What I have attempted to do here is make the norms and conventions of the genre explicit so that you can refine your skills working within it. Mastering this genre has the benefit of developing your skill to analyze situations using explicit criteria, and be able to in leadership essays, make decisions based on that analysis.

More than a few people have found that possession of such a skill is invaluable in life and professional endeavors.

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Evelyn O'Connor: Personal Essay vs Short stories. March 25 2014 2:30 AM. Lots of students mess up this exam because they don't understand one fundamental fact: a personal essay is thesis paper NOT a short story. So what are the main differences between them? 1. Human Lyrics. A personal essay is always written by and about statement for analysis you – a teenager who lives in Ireland, goes to school and hates having to do the Leaving Cert. A short story can have anyone as the splendid essay questions narrator – a rally driver, a model, an inanimate object, a frog. 2. A personal essay can roam across your entire lifetime, including thoughts, opinions, hobbies, anecdotes, quotes and statement for analysis, ideas. Splendid Suns. A short story, on the other hand, has a specific setting, a limited number of characters and thesis for analysis paper, usually happens over reza thesis, a very short space of paper time. 3. A personal essay reflects on life, the universe and everything. A short story has a tight plot, character development and generally ends with a twist. If you are asked to write a personal essay and you write a short story instead, you will be excommunicated from the Church of Leaving Cert English and eigene, can never again worship at that temple.

Or at statement for analysis, the very least, you'll do really badly in the exam. Tips for writing personal essays: 1. In Leadership. If you don't find yourself interesting then how can anyone else? You need to think about what it is that defines you as a person, what marks you out statement for analysis, as different, unique, special. The reader needs to want to get to know you. 2. What events from your distant and more recent past stick out in your mind? Sometimes seemingly insignificant events teach you something unexpected or funny or profound about voorbeeld life. Thesis Statement For Analysis. These are the moments that are worth recounting to reveal your true personality to your readers. 3. Eigene. What are your passions, hobbies and interests in life?

The quirkier, the for analysis paper better. Every examiner is fit to vomit when they see yet another essay on your desire to be a premiership footballer or the next X Factor winner (yawn!). Eigene Meinung. Remember, personal essays reveal your uniqueness so anything that makes you sound like every other teenager on the planet is not worth including. 4. Are you opinionated? What issues do you feel most strongly about? Religion, politics, education, history, science, space travel, global warming, human rights, celebrity culture, technology? Do you have any areas of thesis statement specialist knowledge? Is there any way you can work these into your essay? 5. Meinung Essay. Who are the people you find most fascinating in life?

They don't need to be famous but they do need to be worthy of our time if you're going to write about them. Plan in advance. Organise your ideas. Use some of the statement paper following techniques: * Quotes from eigene essay, bands/singers, writers, philosophers, friends, calendars. * Anecdotes from paper, your past. Of course, you can always describe an event that happened to essays, someone else and pretend it happened to thesis for analysis, you.

* Descriptive style – so that the reader is drawn into the experiences you evoke. * Reflection on your experiences/beliefs/attitudes – show an awareness of how you have become the person you are. * Imagination – you are free to wander off on a tangent, letting your thoughts flow naturally . . . as long as you eventually return to the point. * Humour – be as funny, sarcastic and brutally honest as you are in real life. Students tend to power essays, be pokerfaced and overly serious in thesis statement for analysis, the exam, then you meet them in real life and they're a total scream but somehow they didn't manage to reza saber thesis, get this across in their writing.

So sad ;-( * Hyperbole – take the truth and for analysis, exaggerate it. Make your writing dramatic. * Observations about life, love, and lemonade. Here is your chance to in leadership, muse about everything. * Identify problems and offer solutions. Don't be a Moaning Myrtle! Sample question: Imagine 20 years from now you win a prestigious award and thesis paper, everyone wants a piece of you. Write a personal essay describing how you became the person you are today (2034) Elsewhere, see Donal Ryan's personal essay on how he became a writer. I think it's incredibly challenging/completely unfair to ask anyone to human, write a really engaging, original short story in thesis statement for analysis, one hour and 20 minutes.

As well as writing descriptively, the splendid essay questions three elements which must be present are plot, setting and characters. Please avoid melodrama. I've read stories where characters get shot, escape in a speed boat, rescue a kitten from a burning building and then get diagnosed with cancer, all in the space of three pages! Stories should provide a slice of life, not the plot of a three-hour movie. The titles also tend to be very specific ('write a story about a reunion', 'write a short story in which a young person is eager to leave home'), so writing a pre-prepared short story in thesis, the exam has become less and the roots essay lyrics, less of an option in for analysis, recent years. The new kid on the block is the eigene essay descriptive essay, which appeared on the exam papers in 2011 and thesis statement, 2013. I see it as a great option because it requires a descriptive style but doesn't insist on the plot and essay, character development that a short story demands. You can write about one single event or about a series of different events that are tied together by a common thread. The 2013 essay title asked students to write a descriptive essay based on a variety of thesis statement glimpsed moments. A sample descriptive essay is provided to the right.

Just one word of vol 1 warning: it is probably a little on thesis statement for analysis the short side. For the exam, your composition (whether it's an article, a speech, a personal essay, a short story or a descriptive essay) should be around 1,000-1,200 words. Thesis. Obviously, quality is always more important than quantity but anything fewer than 900 words will leave the examiner feeling that you just haven't written enough for statement for analysis paper them to really judge the quality of your writing. Even as I leave, I know there is the funeral. Even as I climb into our cheap convertible, and power in leadership, the rain comes down and for analysis paper, the roof goes up, I know. You have been a good friend, even though our lives are so busy now we are sometimes like strangers. You have been a good friend, and now your dad is dead. The road is long and olfati, windy and wet.

The Wicklow hills call from the far coast, and in between the car is stuffy and hot to thesis statement for analysis, keep the windshield fog off, and essay, I shuffle to get comfortable and try not (for my dear driver's sake) to nod off. But I have never been good with staying awake, and, besides, although I talk for Ireland, a passenger seat is the one place I get lost in my thoughts, climb into my self and statement paper, am silent, then asleep . I jolt awake with a smack to the head, and the sound of a smile in my ears. We cannot have my head collapsing on him as he drives our cheap convertible with no airbags. We cannot have it. Olfati. So I fight the battle with my eyelids who go on strike so often I think of hiring a crane to prop them up. Thesis. The light is the roots essay lyrics green tea and amber now, the trees form a canopy. A light mist has replaced the rain and sleep rises from me as contentment settles down.

We pass a house with horse-head pillar stones, and thesis statement for analysis paper, a lady with squeaky wipers, and a three-legged dog ambling along, and he drives me deeper into a thousand splendid essay questions the heart of nothing. We have other friends who need us this weekend, it's all arranged. Unlike the funeral, and for analysis, I've been told that up the North they do things strange, it can take longer for the carcass to be primed and reza, changed into 'the corpse'. So we leave you to your death and carry on statement for analysis paper with life somehow, though really it's not all that difficult, which seems both logical and wrong. Hours later, my legs are danced to in leadership essays, jelly, my throat is statement for analysis paper raw. The rain ricochets off the roof of our stuffy tent, insistent staccato beat, but I still fall asleep. Sleep and voorbeeld, dream of water.

Sleep and dream of swimming in thesis statement for analysis, a lake of milk, then fire, as a heat between my legs wiggles forth. Whilst I was sleeping, my organs conversed, my ears heard the rain and my bladder's fit to burst, but I will not get up, I will not get up, I will not get up. I lever open one eyelid, and my claustrophobic-self bursts roaring from her cave. Canvas too close to face, no air, no air, trapped, suffocating. I rip open the tent flap, devour space and air hungrily. Resolve: tomorrow we will be there for thesis voorbeeld you. Morning dawns bright and thesis paper, beautiful. We have a long drive ahead. We put down the roof, become part of the landscape, which begins with billowing smoke. A woman with a cross arm planted on her hip. A dead badger.

The Bent Elbow Hotel. Then a lake. Two men in a mint green rowboat. Power. Those weird white wind-spinners on thesis statement the hill. Meinung. A man on a scooter with a red helmet. A buttercup yellow sun smothered in Vaseline, smeared across the sky. Life's minutiae thrill and happiness comes in starburst moments. Even as we arrive, we know there is the funeral.

Even as we climb out of our cheap convertible, and the sun beams down and the roof goes back up, we know. Remind ourselves: Your Dad is Dead. We wait for the service to end. We wait for the queue to dwindle. We wait to take you in our clumsy arms. Your eyes are so lost. Your pain is so real. Your sorrow wraps its hands around my throat. All I can see is a black cat stalking through an empty house, but no clever image can transform this dead man into a dancing corpse. It's over.

A deep sadness settles on your soul, never to be removed. Evelyn O’Connor, Mount St Michael Secondary School, Claremorris, Mayo. Irish Independent Supplement. Advice for the new kids: Senior infants explain school. Patricia Murphy You can’t be too crazy and doing a lot of funny things. Just the kids love it, but not the teacher or mams and dads. Meet the thesis statement for analysis class of eigene meinung 2017: 'We have a broad mindset and are more accepting of change' The country's 60,000 Leaving Cert students have one thing on their minds this week - their results, and thesis, whether those results are good enough to power in leadership essays, secure them the course they want when the CAO offers come out on statement paper Monday.

'Anyone thinking of leaving school at 16 should know that it's a big mistake' - Dad (39). Patricia Murphy A dad who left school at 16 said the birth of his young son motivated him to return to meinung, education and paper, sit his Leaving Certificate more than two decades later. Are boarding schools really a home from home? Learning. WATCH: 'Ghost' caught on camera?

Cork's oldest school releases eerie CCTV footage Have You Seen. WATCH: 'Ghost' caught on camera? Cork's oldest school releases eerie CCTV footage Trending. Revealed: Both income tax and USC to be cut in boost for workers Budget 2018. Rory McIlroy: I've never liked Roy Keane after he snubbed me for an autograph Golf.

Former Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave has died aged 97. Rory McIlroy: I've never liked Roy Keane after he snubbed me for an autograph. Barack Obama's 25th anniversary message brought Michelle to tears - and it will for power in leadership you too. Exclusive: Income tax cuts and pension hikes emerge as top priorities for Budget. 'The silence in the room was deafening' - Mother describes agony of paper stillbirth. Inside this renovated cottage in Rathmines - the dream gaff for city dwellers.

Amanda Brunker: 'I didn't sit the Leaving Cert and the roots essay human, I've done okay in life' As the decades have rolled by I have learned a few. 'You have this constant fear you’ll be caught out' - Taxi driver who learned to read. A former taxi driver who was illiterate until he was. 10 effective tips to get through exam time with minimal stress. The mercury is rising, there’s a grand stretch in the. Big Bird confused by new autistic character on Sesame Street. Big Bird is confused by Julia, the thesis statement for analysis paper new autistic. 'He never touched me - I was a mouthy, independent kid, and abusers are wary of.

Rory O'Neill, famous for his drag queen persona Panti Bliss. Are boarding schools really a home from home? The broadcaster Ivan Yates once said of the roots essay lyrics his boarding school experience that. ‘They were calling me names like dirty knacker and thesis paper, smelly tinker and I couldn’t. A UCC student from the thesis voorbeeld travelling community has. We might just end up with more Trumps - and fewer Michael Ds. Many parents are afraid that if their kids don't get. In code we trust: The benefits of giving your children a head start in coding. It has become an everyday activity for for analysis kids, like. 'I got a string of As in the Junior Cert but I ruined months of my life to.

As students around the country collected their Junior. Gallery: Inside the essay €32 million Titanic Hotel Belfast. After two years of construction and restoration, Belfast's Titanic Hotel has officially. Gallery: Inside the 911 Memorial Museum, New York. The National September 11 Memorial Museum has become a sobering but must-see. Gallery: Travel Photographer of the paper Year 2017. Topflight teamed up with Canon Ireland in a search for their Travel Photographer of on moral development the. Gallery: Award-winning 'fairy garden' donated to children's ward. In pictures: Behind the scenes at Bloom 2017. Behind the scenes at Ireland's largest gardening festival.

In Pictures: House 2017 at for analysis, the RDS. Inside the seven homes battling it out to win RTE's Home of the Year on. As another series on the roots essay Home of the thesis for analysis paper Year draws to a close. In Pictures: First Look at Celebrity Edge. These pictures from New York's Westminster Dog Show will give you serious pet envy. Before and After: What do these ten Irish people look like after shifting stones?'s most inspiring weight loss. WATCH: Shaken not stirred - How to a thousand suns essay, make the statement perfect vodka martini. To celebrate Global James Bond Day, learn how to. WATCH: Adare Manor golf course 'completely redesigned and remodelled' - have a. Led by world-renowned golf course architect Tom Fazio. WATCH: 'The ambulance crew tried everything but it was too late' - heartbroken. The heartbroken mother of voorbeeld a man who died after a. WATCH: Walk across Brooklyn Bridge - best free thing to do in statement for analysis paper, New York! Did you know you can walk across Brooklyn Bridge? It's.

WATCH: Walk New York's High Line - a park on a railway track. The High Line once carried freight trains. Voorbeeld. Now it's a.